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The pay-outs will be calculated on weekly basis and you can get your cuts.

Our goal is to provide the casual sweeper, or anybody new to sweeping, with a safe way to find the latest active sweepstakes to enter. All of our sweeps are based on blockchain random number so there is no possible intervention.

The very basics of our system is based on anonymity and clarity on our winner picker procedure. As uses the first random blockchain draw, the outcome of every sweep is completely trusted, transparent and visible for everyone to make sure its authenticity. Once you obtain the required token and place them on a sweepstake with defined number of positions, you will be given a place number through which you can check the winner position here (the address). Once a sweepstake is rewarded which means the next random blockchain draw (after 10 minutes) has occurred, you will be able to check the extracted number to figure out the winner position. This procedure is absolute and repeatable.

In addition to being transparent on our sweepstakes winner selection, also does NOT require you to complete any KYC process, so if you wish to be anonymous and untraceable, we ensure your identity will stay that way.

The time of each lotto may vary depending on its positions being filled out by participants. However, the history of our sweeps shows the process to be concluded between 10 minutes to 2 days. Assumably, the increase of participants on a specific sweepstake, will make the result to be available in a shorter period.