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There is a unique story behind the, and here we invite you to learn more. It may give you a deeper understanding of the story behind the company.

Our mission

To modernize lucky draw and competitions by making them easy to enter while at the same time providing both 100% security as well as complete user transparency with the help of bitcoin blockchain.

This is where the fun and excitement begins! presents fun and excitement for all who play offering new games, bigger prizes, and more winners. Place a token and win hundred times of its value! You can participate in all the fun and luck with complete anonymity and free from any identification required by usual KYC as we require none! Should you wish to get more information on our offerings or in any case need to contact the Lottery, please visit the Contact Us page

Our History

The team comprises a highly skilled technical team that has been actively involved in developing lottery-related platforms since 2016. Today, leveraging its extensive technical knowledge and vast experience in conducting various lotteries, and utilizing blockchain technology and network marketing strategies, the team has decided to offer a new generation of lottery platforms to interested users. These platforms will feature small-scale lotteries with a high degree of confidence in the accuracy of the execution of each draw.

An Exhaustive list of amazing features

What makes Raffair different?

These are the key drivers that make us different: Safe, Social, Reliable and Fun. Raffair Lotto is dedicated to trust and safety.


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