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Our lotteries are conducted obstacle-free, and we guarantee that no manipulation takes place in any of our lotteries. Our assurance in this regard is obtained through our independent and transparent verification process for lotteries. As a result, users can participate in our lotteries with complete confidence.

See how the winners get picked

After 10 minutes of closing a sweepstake - completion of the positions on each sweep - the first extracted blockchain hash will become the base of our winner-picking process. This number undeniable is unique, traceable, and inalterable once discovered, so we use it to ensure our participants of the authenticity of our draw.

Enter the BTC block hash and then see which position is the winner.

By entering the so-called blockchain hash and the number of participants, you will be allowed to check the place of our lucky winner(ticket number positions). The result will stay the same regardless of how often you check these details.